Tuesday, 18 January 2011

encouragement: not alone!

My last few posts have running through them a sense of loneliness and wondering.

This morning I was encouraged by a post by Bobby Auner at Destructing Neverland.

Bobby wrote: "Things aren't moving along as quickly as I expected or hoped.  I have been starving for community with folks that love Jesus and thinking about joining back with the house churching families sometime soon."  I could sure relate to that!

Then he quoted Eric, who reminded him of missionaries who work for many years before seeing any conversions, but they keep trusting God, and following Him no matter what.  And he also quoted Jeff,
who spoke of those who sometimes feel "exiled" and lost and lonely, when they cannot in good conscience belong to traditional gatherings of the church.  Jeff's post speaks of how God has provided fellowship in the blogosphere, for many of us who are at that place in our journey.

That encouraged me, too, because I am following all three of these blogs, and truly they (and many others) have been an ongoing encouragement, and source of fellowship, for me.  Yes, I also find myself wishing for more face-to-face fellowship, and I know that will come.  But what a blessing you all have been meanwhile!  (And someday we will all meet face-to-face!  yes!)

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