Monday, 5 July 2010

small to men, great to God

1 July 2010

I was discouraged today because I have felt that almost no one is responding to my writing, especially my writing that is related to You.

And I am feeling quite alone in regards to coming out of "structural/ institutional" church, at least here in this community.

And then I was just sitting here reading Reimagining Church by Frank Viola, and these words jumped out at me:

"God's most precious work has been accomplished through the small, the weak, and the unnoticed." (referring to 1 Cor 1 :26-29; 1 Kings 19:11-13)

"...the greatest things in God's eyes are extremely small in the eyes of men."

"The call of God to recover the primitive simplicity of organic church life requires that we begin on entirely new ground. A ground different from the religious systems and traditions that we fallen mortals have constructed. And that ground is the Lord Jesus Christ."

And as he pointed out previously in the book: the cross (death to self) before the Spirit's power.

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