Monday, 26 July 2010

hiccups and relationship with Father and His church

Dan Allen, in his weekly update at The Ekklesia in Southern Maine, wrote the following:

I realize more now that every issue and "hiccup" in our lives affects the way we interact with others. If we were content to go to an institutional church gathering for two hours on Sunday morning as an end-all be-all then the issues we faced during the week would not weigh in on how that gathering went, but where we seek to have genuine relationships with other believers, hoping God will use them and us to help each other grow closer to him, the things that we face every day will effect those relationships and what we share with them and how we respond to what they share with us.
He explained his thoughts in more detail - and then gave two further lists:  "concrete church type things" in his life  in the past week, and "what's next" - things that are coming up.  I hope you'll go there and check out what he has to say.

On the other hand, reading his post helped me realize that a lot of little things in my own life, that on their own don't seem particularly exciting or impressive or even very important on their own, and sometimes even seem like annoying interferences in my walk with God and relationship with His church, are actually things that Father has placed in my life as part of His perfect plans and purposes. 

So here's a "concrete church type things" list of my own for this past week:

- an email discussion with a friend that really opened my eyes to so many different ways "community" can be lived, and what it can mean

- in the process of re-designing a blog, read old posts from several years back - and was amazed to see how God has all along been preparing me for and pointing me to the church community where I am amazed to be!

- received an email from a friend whose mother is quickly succumbing to dementia - and being able to pray for her and to comfort and encourage her because Father has taken me down that path already

- made a quick drive to the bank, but the street was busy and I had to park some distance from the bank.  Walking to and from the bank, I ran into 3 of the street people from our church gathering, and was able to encourage them and get to know them a little better - unexpected relationship building!  I also ran into an aunt of mine I haven't seen for a very long time ... and she surprised me by coming to my birthday party

- had an all-day drop-in birthday party on Saturday - and "former church friends" actually came by - surely a sign that Father is doing some healing among His people  (you can see details here).

Why not stop right now and make your own list?  What little incidents in your life are part of Father's purposes for you in your relationship with Him and with His church?


co_heir said...

Good thoughts.Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

Mark said...

happy birthday, sister!