Monday, 5 July 2010

my writing purpose

4 July 2010

I have been thinking about this whole "writing business."

Pastor P was talking this morning about how You took him through that time of trying to do what everyone else (other pastors and churches and the "board" of the street ministry) thought he should do. Until his health broke from the endless work. And stress. And then he was able to see clearly that he is to do only what You have called him to do. Even if it doesn't bring the success, and ministry size, and fame that others envision (and perhaps want to be part of?).

And I have been thinking. Maybe You took me through this time of "exploring my options" and researching how to do writing as a business, and trying to be part of the on-line marketing thing, and trying to quickly build up an "income" in the three months of severance pay after my job abruptly ended when the office closed. Maybe You allowed me to go through all that (and apparently not succeed, at least in terms of quick monetary gain or huge readership), so that I could see that, as my wise friend G told me:

"Norma, you know what your passion of passions is! Write about that!"

Writing for You, with You. Whatever, however, that works out, day by day.

I'm not here to get rich. Or famous. Or even to "make a living," per se. I am here for the purpose YOU have have for me. And it is time to do it. Time to put that "book of prayers" together. Time to write that play. That to do whatever you call me to, day by day, moment by moment. For Your glory, Your purposes, Your kingdo. With You. Please. Please help me.

Oh, and without thought of income, of recognition, even of having lots of friends and being part of a great, exciting local home church gathering.

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