Monday, 5 July 2010

finding my place in the family?

4 July 2010

Today we had the gathering place (the yard and downstairs of the Presbyterian church, which they generously loan us) all to ourselves, as they were having a joint service at another church.

Not too many people turned up, maybe 30 or 40. It was unseasonably chilly, and even rained for awhile. It was cozy huddling together under the big sun umbrella, though perhaps wiser folks hung out inside the building!

Some of the people who came said that others decided not to come because Pastor P has been sick a lot lately, and they don't like coming if he isn't here. Of course, today he was here!

There were boxes and boxes of donated clothes, and even though there weren't a lot of people, at least half of the clothes were joyfully taken. So I am thinking Father sent along the people who needed them.

We went simple with food today. Toaster waffles, toast, cereal and milk, oranges, coffee, juice, cookies, boiled eggs, pigs-in-blankets. There was lots of food, and even with the smaller-than-usual crowd, everything was gone by the end of the morning. A lot of the food was suitable for take-out, and people left with tummies full, and pockets full for later as well.

R took care of making the coffee and other "indoor" things, while I mostly stayed outside and visited with people. This has been happening more and more lately; before R joined us, I did a lot of the "serving tables" stuff. But R is so good at it, and loves doing it, so I have backed off, although I sometimes feel a bit guilty, like I am being lazy.

I do believe that we need to each do as You have prepared and led us. Pastor P is especially called to relational ministry. He relates so well to the street people, and they to him. He also is able to teach the word in ways that are easy to understand. For many of the street folks he really demonstrates the love of Jesus at very personal levels.

In previous times, in other places, I have done lots of hands-on hospitality, teaching, music, things like that. But more and more, here, it seems I am simply to be a friend (oh, and bring those home-baked goodies, of course!). I have felt kind of "left out" sometimes. Maybe I am still wrapped up in this driven need to "do" for You. Maybe I need to learn more to "be" ... like Mary sitting at Your feet. How do I find that restful place? in You? Oh. IN YOU. Yes. thank You.

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