Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I want Your will, Father, not mine

July 19, 2010

Oh dear Heavenly Father,

I need to talk with You, and hear from You. I see You doing amazing things in the street church with Pastor Peter.

And I see and hear You doing amazing things with all the conversations around my blogs and other blogs. And I'm full of ideas of how to change and improve my blogs and "reach out" with them. But I don't want "my way" or the "world's way." Oh Father, I want Your will, not mine.

Oh Father, what now? Your will be done. Please keep my heart, my spirit, open to and obedient to and in unity with Your Spirit. Please. Thank You.

Father, You know I long for more face-to-face interaction with Your children, Your church, than is happening these days. Please show me how, when, where, what, who (and yes, why).

I want to hear You, Father.


Norma, My child,

I love you.

I am your Father and I love you and I want to answer your prayers. But please let Me do it in My time and place and ways and purposes, for your very best.

Please be patient with your husband, too. I am doing My work in his heart. Be patient. All things will work together for good - just love Me. And love him. I have called you - and him, too - both of you - according to My purposes.

(Thank You).

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