Friday, 5 June 2009

Your church in so many places and ways

May 25, 2009

When I did a quick fb check this morning, there was a notice from the Simple Church website about a new book, called something like Rabbits and Elephants. Anyway, I downloaded the free table of contents, intro and first chapter... and ended up ordering it on Amazon. It is released June 1, so should get it not too long after (and early orders apparently get a discount off the suggested retail price... though there's always shipping and handling with on-line shopping...).

Anyway, when I was reading the download, I started thinking about how, even though for the past couple months or so I haven't "gone to our church" (except the sermon part, yesterday... and I think that was from God, because the message on worship really was "for me")... still, I have been with Your church a lot... Tuesday and Thursday coffee times, church-in-the-park (yesterday was special, talking and praying with one lady whose mom is dying, and with another lady who had gone through some really hard times lately), emails to and from a friend who really shares his heart from the Word, phone calls from a dear gal friend and also calls from my daughters... so nice to feel free to bring You into my conversations with them these days! Yay! Thank You!), listening in on those podcast discussions, reading peoples' blogs and articles, reading and responding to peoples' comments on fb - all examples of "where 2 or 3 are gathered in Your name, there You are with them!"

I have started just reading the NT - above and beyond my daily seven chapters from throughout the Bible! And I started with Jude and am working my way backward, one book at a time, underlining key verses (There are a lot of key verses!). Because too often if I start at the beginning (Matthew) I get distracted... and often don't get to those final epistles! Oh, I love the chapters on love in 1,2,3 John... and all the understanding of what Your church really is, and what it really means to walk Your walk, Jesus... the Way! Thank You! Thinking maybe I'll go back to the ones I've already read, and list what You've been showing me in Your Word!

(I was feeling "at loose ends" today... and lately. I do have lots of "projects" to do, but feeling I want to spend more focused time with You, Papa, Jesus, Holy Spirit - my God! Not only want to, but must... because without really knowing You, how can I share You and Your love with others? If we aren't in continual, vital, "living love" relationship with You, and with others (with the brethren, other believers, Your church) (and reaching out to bring Your gospel to those who are lost, so they can come into salvation and this awesome love relationship with You and with Your church... in the kingdom of God/of heaven!)... well, we really are at loose ends, aren't we? I need to know You, to be in that "living love" relationship with You, always, constantly! Please! help me not to go down the "loose ends" pathway, please... Thank You!

When I "went to church" yesterday, I sat on the steps at the back, and I liked that because I could see everyone (even if most of them I could still only see the backs of their heads, and their profiles). Of course there were also "greeters" sitting at the back... but there was also another young couple sitting along the side rather than in the rows of seats. I liked how the "congregation" laughed at the Pastor's humor and joined with with his old-timey choruses... and how he gave them a good long time to greet each other before the teaching/discussion time (he's trying to de-sermon... please help him, Lord!)... but I missed the kind of interaction/ discussion/ questions/ input during the teaching time that I see in "church in the park" and in coffee times... and when we used to have "soup" (I sure hope __ comes by for soup like he said he wants to - and brings somebody with him too!).

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