Wednesday, 10 June 2009

daily adventures with Papa

June 4, 2009

Our back (side!) yard looks so barren without the gazebo, but it will be great for our daughter and her family, especially to have a shady outdoor spot for their little one! (Our gazebo going makes me wonder what's happening... Our son's room is so barren too, without the big computer desk and chair which have also gone to our daughter ... and the spare room is nearly empty too... hmmmm... adventure!)

Father, I keep feeling as though there is something You are teaching me these days... and although I get glimpses and hints of it, I seem to be missing the core of it!

Although I've been doing lots of walkabout, especially in the evenings, but also some short ones mid-day (and even early mornings, coming and going to coffee time and church-in-the-park), it seems like most of my "street" friends have disappeared (while loads of summer folks - both locals, tourists, and transients - though not as many as I'd expected - have arrived). I even walked over to the Rose Garden area yesterday evening, but no sign of them there. Maybe the local constabulary have moved them on, to clear the way for "normal" people (locals and tourists) (AKA "hiding the problem"...).

My son wants me to make chocolate chip cookies this morning - for both coffee time - and for him!

.... later! .... So made the chocolate chip cookies. Made hubby breakfast, then went to coffee time. On the way, I was just reading Nanaimo Square when I saw "Gator" stand up rigidly, then fall backward rigidly to the ground. He started having seizures and foaming at the mouth. Those of us there (pretty much the whole crowd of "the crew") got a man to call 9-1-1 (we ran around asking a bunch of people; some didn't have cell phones, but others just didn't want to get involved...), and I stayed until the ambulance guys came and got him.

Then I went on to the coffee time. Not too many people there (Pastor P. having gone to Ontario for a few days) but then a few came by. Still had some cookies left at the end so stopped back at Nanaimo Square and left the rest of the cookies with the people there.

Came home and went walkabout with my son. Then folded laundry. Now have been sitting on the front porch doing my Bible reading. Lovely outside right now but heating up - supposed to reach 35 C. It was 11 C at 6 am and 18 by 7 am.

My son this morning said, "I must not be a very good Christian because I don't have any feelings one way or another about starving children in third world countries." So we had a conversation about that (concern for those whom we don't personally know)... but I was at the same time encouraged because he was identifying himself as a Christian. Keep looking after him, Papa! Thank You!

At Coffee Time this morning, the younger ___ was saying he wished there was something he could do for me, because he appreciated how much I care for people. And I was telling him what a privilege it is for me, especially since I have so little family here now... and then walking home, I realized, Papa, that You have given me a great gift in giving me a "new family" to love and take care of! Glory to Your name! Thank You! Praise God!

And I also realized that in arriving at Nanaimo Square exactly when I did, You were listening to what I was saying yesterday about how I couldn't seem to find any of the regular street people... and this morning You gave me a wonderful opportunity. And I did pray quietly for that guy, Gator... but I should have prayed out loud, eh? I'm sorry Papa. Please give me the boldness (and wisdom). Thank You, Father God, in Jesus' name. Amen! Amen!

Oh! While I was outside typing, the mailman came by with my new book about Rabbits and Elephants - but I didn't want to open it until my blog typing was caught up, as I really felt led to first check out what Father has been telling me the past couple weeks, before I start reading the book.

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