Tuesday, 16 June 2009

excited about the possibilities - but Father, Your will, Your love, be done!

June 15, 2009 one more time!

I practiced my guitar for quite a long time.

Lord, I have not been able to play the chords so easily for so long, maybe never before. It's been so long since I could play - or sing - at all! And on Sunday at breakfast-in-the-park someone was suggesting to Pastor P. that he could lead in singing - but I really don't think it is his thing! At all! (Pastor P. said he also needs to find someone to do some haircuts... I wonder if I could?) (Simple ones, anyway!)(Maybe I could!) (Father??) Well, which is it? Guitar and singing? Or haircutting? (Not to mention baking and coffee making and... maybe even quilt making?!? Oh Papa! Could this be "my old dream" coming true after all, only maybe in a way I really didn't expect? Papa? Who knows? YOU DO! YOUR WILL BE DONE! Thank You, Lord! Amen!

Father, Your will - Your love - be done. Amen! Wow!

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