Wednesday, 10 June 2009

family barbeque, like church... and more Rabbit thoughts

June 6, 2009

Hubby and I and our son went over to our daughter and family's house for barbeque. It was awesome. We had so much fun sitting around eating and telling funny stories and memories. That is real family! (That is how church should be!). Got home around 9.

I had been reading the rest of the Rabbits and Elephants book off and on during the day, and finished it off before going to sleep - though I still need to take notes. It is having, I believe, a profound influence - I believe You sent it for me, Father, at this time... I didn't feel free to read it even after I got it, until I had done my journal/blog typing, and reflecting on what You've been teaching me. And now it's like this book was sent to tie it together for me (including all the reading in the epistles and in Mark, that I've been reading before the book!).

As I was reading before bedtime, I listed on a slip of paper some things You were really impressing on me:

Street people share and care! Boy, do they ever!

Ask God to show/ give me a way to earn my own money to share with others.

Living among those to be reached....

Prayer-walking, corporate prayer, prayer against the enemy (maybe with that guy who wants to pray?!?)

Reaching out to the 3rd world as well?

Ask people to share their stories about God!

(Oh, and last night I dreamed I was selling stuff again... And it was a good thing...)...

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