Friday, 5 June 2009

May 22, 2009

I am starting to use my pedometer again... keep coming back to the 10,000 steps advice! A lot of times I feel like I'm "wasting time" ... guess I should just use my MP3 player with the French lessons or the worship songs to "redeem the time" eh? Or? ... I got a small waterbottle for my new backpack, so that it fits better... the only thing I wish for now is a full Bible that is more lightweight... The ones I have are so big and heavy... I'd like to get one and mark it with "the salvation path" verses and other important passages I could use to help people (I also put a small French language New Testament in the backpack, as well as bandages, wipes, snack bars, etc that might come in handy helping someone out... I really want to care for people, for You, to share Your love that You have shared with me, Papa! I want to share the wonder and love of YOU!) Thank You!

I need to ready Your Word now! I need You! Please forgive me for being so... useless? ... these days... and help me to make You - and our relationship - priority, starting immediately. (Father, the enemy - I think - everytime I want to focus on You, convinces me immediately that I'm so tired, can't focus, etc.... please, Father! Papa! Please dear Jesus! Please, Holy Spirit... give me strength and energy!

... later... Okay, so I'm finished the daily reading... now... Father, I'm feeling anxious... I feel like I've been listening and watching... but that maybe sometime soon I should step out and start telling others clearly about You. Papa?

... later still... Wrote another family story - and then listened to a podcast for 45 minutes. Loved it! Some key things to remember (which answers my question to Yo earlier, Papa, about being "useless" etc):

It's a reality you relax into: "the unforced rhythms of grace"(from The Message)... Is there any relationship you're enjoying? Recognize what God may be reflecting of Himself in your relationship with that person... It takes awhile for us to let go of our passion to "do" for ourselves...

And oh! I got a paperback pocket-book-sized version of the NASB Bible (my favorite translation) today! For my backpack!

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