Friday, 5 June 2009

But what are you DOING?

May 21, 2009

Went to coffee time this morning. Met a guy along the way, street guy with a buggy and all... and he came along with me.

I took a couple little walkabouts. And we picked up lettuce, spinach, mixed greens and radish seeds, and a parsley plant... and I planted them in my garden since ___ brought over that nice organic fertilizer for me! I also created a "kitty-proofing" system of sticks all over the garden to try and keep it safe from the neighborhood cats who think it is the most wonderful kitty-litter spot around here! I also mowed down the latest round of dandelions before they go to seed, though I hated to see their beautiful yellow blooms bite the dust in the process!

I went to a baby shower for a teacher I worked with at the Christian School. It is funny how friendships that develop in specific situations seem to have a hard time moving outside them. Not teaching now, I kind of felt like an outsider... but maybe it was "just me" .... I did have a nice chat with one of my former students (the senior girls were invited to the shower)... and with the other teachers, as long as we all stayed on the "baby" topic, things went fine conversationally. A few of them asked, "So what are you doing these days?" and I mentioned my blogging, and spending time with my grandchild who has just moved to town, and writing the family story and posting up the photos and all the responses I've received from kids who spent time with our family, and church-in-the-park and Tuesday and Thursday morning coffee times and all... and they listened politely, and then asked, "But what are you doing? I mean, haven't you got a job or something?" They seem to think I'm kind of wasting time or something. I kind of got the feeling that maybe they feel like I'm not doing something "worthwhile" as in teaching at a Christian School (and thereby leading kids to Christ, etc)... Or maybe it's just my imagination...

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