Friday, 27 August 2010

Another Chance Street Church - new pages

I'm continuing to try and sort out my blog to make it easier to navigate the various topics I've been covering.  So I'm trying the "pages" option that blogspot has available.

So far I've created two new pages (which you'll also find links to at the top of this blog):

street church - Father's call
street church - stories

Recently, there has been discussion among a number of blogs about the church reaching out to the poor.  On this "Church Journey" blog, Mark at Called Out in Kansas,  co-heir at On the Journey, brother frankie at The Gathering Lakeside, Keith Giles at Subversive1, and Dan Allen at The Ekklesia in Southern Maine all weighed in on my discussion on this topic, and some of them also kindly gave me pointers on how to change my blog.

As readers of this blog will know, I am involved in a street ministry called Another Chance.  On the two pages listed above, I have gathered together key clips from my blog postings over the years related to street church and my related thoughts about reaching out to the poor - as well as "church" in that context.  So if you're interested in my thoughts about this topics, and stories straight from the street, have a look at these pages!


Brother Frankie said...

i need to work at the pages thingy too. i am not a web disigner and i am self hosted. i miss the ease of blogger.

good luck with the redesign..


norma j hill said...

I'm not a web designer either, and am also self-hosted on wordpress (at as well as creating a website the old-fashioned (html etc) way at Yahoo ( I'm aiming for redesigns at those sites, too, but decided to start here at blogger because, yes, it is easy! And now it has the pages option, which really does expand the possibilities!