Sunday, 22 August 2010

french toast at street church

So I was just checking out a blog post, "25 things you can do on Sunday instead of going to church."  It was a great post, and I left this comment:

Great list! Sometimes (after a year and a half or so) I still hear that little voice nagging, “It’s Sunday! You should go to church!” (lol… I actually did go to church last Sunday with the people I was visiting when I was away on holidays… and was reminded again, rather sadly, why I don’t often “go to church” these days).

sooo.... What have I done “instead of church” today?

Talked with Father as I walked across town, and then prayed with (and talked and laughed with, and made french toast for) the folks at the street family breakfast there, shared a bit of cash with some street folks;

 [Yep, that's me at the back table whipping up french toast!]

......on the way home smiled and greeted everyone I passed; and back home, made comments on some blogs about not going to church, and chatted with a friend on facebook who I’ve been praying for, and made a date to get together with a friend for coffee later this week, and another date to get together for prayer with another friend… and it’s only noon so far…

But I didn’t go to church… But oh! maybe all that IS church! Yes! :-)


co_heir said...

You didn't GO to church, but yes, you're whole day was church.

Brother Frankie said...

LOL, that could have been us with the french toast.

a few months back i had a "big" building church ask if they could join me and i told them no...

they wanted to make rules, say who could come, and well, start a church at the lake.

i told them Jesus has a church, thank you..

and i continue to enjoy the folks He gathers for His church..

we are the church, wherever we gather in His name, with a towel of service over our shoulder.

awaiting the Shout!
Brother Frankie

norma j hill said...

@co_heir: Yes, indeed, it really was church, all day! :-)

@Brother Frankie: We've had the same offers-to-help from building-churches ... and we even (naively) took up some offers ... and while I'm sure they meant well, we've been backing off because we want Jesus in charge, not others' "visions" of what they think Jesus wants.

You can read a bit about that in the "Difficulties: other peoples' visions for us" section of the new page in this blog called "Street Church - Stories" (link at the top of this blog).