Saturday, 1 May 2010

spiritual attacks?

May 1, 2010

I woke up with a start this morning, heart beating wildly, from a quite terrifying dream.

It started out in a church service that went on for quite some time, till finally hubby and I got up and went “home,” which was a house that reminded me of a house we lived in years and years ago when we only had our first child. In the dream, I was washing dishes, and water started flooding all over the kitchen sink and counters. And then it started flooding other parts of the house. I found a tap which was open and turned it off, but then water started pouring out from pipes in other parts of the house. Hubby grabbed a hammer and was going to bang on the pipes, but when I suggested he call a plumber, he got grumpy and went to have a nap on the couch. The house kept getting more and more water in it, and then it turned out to be winter (though I wasn’t cold). The house started getting full of snow, and the water turned into lacy ice, which was getting thicker and thicker. I was outside, and calling to hubby, but I couldn’t make any sound. So I went back in and tried to wake him up. He brushed the snow off his face and shoulders, and was grumpy at me for waking me. I was panicking because I couldn’t find our baby under all the snow, but hubby just went back to sleep!

This probably doesn’t sound so terrible, reading about it, but I was terrified, especially because I couldn’t find baby and was afraid she was covered with snow and freezing to death. Also, at the end of the dream, as I was waking, I sensed great evil. The thing is, there were certain memories and incidents in the dream that came from past real experience.

Upon waking, I fervently prayed for the protection of Jesus from the enemy – for myself, and for all my family. We have experienced some very strong spiritual warfare in the past, as my husband comes from a culture in which at least some of his people believed he was born to be a shaman. And that if he could not be turned from following Father, perhaps one or more of our children could. There have been very dark times in the past, but they seemed to have let up recently. However, one of our children has been experiencing things again lately. And we have been praying with and for them.

Spiritual darkness is very real, although many people do not seem to recognize it. I suppose it is a ploy of the enemy to keep us, well, in our comfortable pews, so to speak. He does, after all, delight in appearing as an “angel of light.”

I will be considering some of these kinds of things in my next couple of postings. (And will continue to seek Your protection, Father, for our whole family…)

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