Tuesday, 18 May 2010

this is NOT what I expected from CONVERSATION WITH YOU!!!

18 May 2010

(This is my “devotional/ journaling” time from this morning… my “focused time with Papa” … just as it unfolded (with the links added, so you can figure out what I was talking about)… most definitely NOT what I expected!)

Father, when I read Your word today – I want to CONVERSE with You. You have been teaching me a lot these days, opening my eyes to many new things in Your word (and clearly reminding me of other things I guess I’ve forgotten or ignored or, well, put on the back-burner…). But I have sure been missing out on CONVERSATION with You.

I was just flipping through the ProBlogger (2nd ed) book, and was reminded, at the end, of email subscriptions.

Lord, I’m an email lover! And I do believe this would be excellent for me. Here I am tweeting and posterious-izing and so on – but not doing the one thing I’m most comfortable with: emailing!

Today I think I’ll take a good look at the email subscriptions I’m receiving, to get ideas of “how to do it” – and then I’ll start! Maybe for now, one (weekly) email subscription for all my sites: “Penandpapermama’s World!”

- latest tips – reviews – tutorials – offers – links to other sites? – guest postings? – links to new content on the site – forums? – sell advertising space, promote own products, run affiliate promotions – build community morale, launch competitions, direct readers to interactive areas on the site – branding: weekly contact builds loyalty!
- Advertise the email subscription on your site: sidebars – popup sign up box? – immediate welcome email – weekly updates
- do whatever applies to MY blog [okay, so I’m not recording everything I wrote down after all – you can find all the details about email subscriptions in the book, esp pp 204-206!]

Oh my goodness! That was NOT what I expected in my “devotions” … but thank You for the pointers anyway! My “one thing” [thanks, Leo] for today? Eh? But Your will be done, Father!

(I’m still wondering about a daily – or weekly or ? – devotional… email…) (with questions, to-do’s [practical applications], links, etc…) Father??

Oh Lord – I’ve wanted this whole business thing to be centered on You – and here You are giving me ideas, direction! Yes! Thank You!

I am glad that the ProBlogger guy, Darren Rowse, is a believer… moving away from “traditional church” to see what’s “emerging” … because so many big bloggers have good ideas and all, but their world-views are not You-centered… and I don’t want to be caught up in “worldly” ways [I blogged about that yesterday: Success in blogging? What does it really mean?]

Like “tao” themed blogs: some ideas are similar, and seem really attractive, and fit in with simple living and all … but You are so not in the picture! So thank You for a book by a man who, as part of Your family, reflects You at the center! Yes!

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