Saturday, 8 May 2010

fear of God?

May 6, 2010

Reading (or at least skimming) through my blogs while putting in real links in past postings has been interesting – and has helped to bring my focus back to You, Father. It’s really where I belong, no matter what I write about. You at my core!

When I was talking with You this morning, before I got up, I was thinking about how, while it is true that You love me (really, truly!) Father, it is also true that You are the Almighty God of the universe – and truly worthy of awe and reverence (what Your word often calls “fear”).

I guess I was thinking about how someday I will see my mom and dad again, and I know I will be happy to see them. And then I thought about seeing You, Jesus, face-to-face. That did make me a tad shy-feeling, but I know I’ll be so joyful to see You, too. Finally, I kind of stopped and thought, “What about Father?”

I know some people really think it is almost heretical to think of You as our Papa (though they are okay with Jesus calling You “Abba” – which of course means “Papa.” Hmmmm…). I’ve also heard people say that we won’t see You at all, Father God, just Your glory, because You are Spirit. They also say You will be too great and awesome and glorious for us. We’ll simply bow in Your Presence – in fear.

But… When we see Jesus, we will be seeing You, Father. (And yet, not…. The concept of Your Three-in-Oneness is sometimes way beyond my ability to comprehend!) And it seems we aren’t urged to “fear” You, Jesus – even though You are King of kings, and Lord of lords, the Alpha and Omega, God incarnate! Which are also descriptors of Father – whom we are urged, by some, to fear (beyond the meanings of awe and reverence).

Father, I know You are great and mighty and worthy of awe and reverence. In fact, not just “Well, He is worthy, so I will bow before Him.” But rather “every knee will bow” because You ARE!

At the same time, love is Your nature. And You have loved me, and I have experienced Your love, have been amazed and awestruck by Your love. And so I bow, not only in awe and reverent fear, but I bow out of gratefulness, joy, delight, submissive love!

I have a friend who rejects any books – or even discussion – that makes You out, Father God, to be too loving – too soft, not fearsome enough. I think he (and others – I know this is not an uncommon thing) is afraid that if he is not afraid of You, he won’t be able to follow and obey You well enough.

It seems as though he doesn’t believe that Your love is strong enough to elicit those responses from us: following, obeying, worshiping – and yes, the “fear” that is reverence and awe. He can’t imagine that we would respond to You simply because Your love causes us to love You in return, and to want to, long to respond in those ways. Rather than “have to” out of a negative kind of fear.

Papa? Jesus? Holy Spirit?
(Thank You for Your love. It is so amazing, so beyond all we can imagine. You are indeed worthy of reverence and awe. And love! Thank You).

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