Thursday, 23 March 2017

Our eternal life and home

(originally journaled Oct. 21, 2016)

"We too, who are Christ's people, have vision of something beyond the difficulties and disappointments of this life. We are journeying toward fulfilment, completion, expansion of life. We, too, are 'going to the Father.' Much is dim concerning our home-country, but two things are clear. It is home, 'the Father's house.' It is the nearer presence of the Lord. We are all wayfarers, but the believer knows it and accepts it. He is a traveller, not a settler." -- R.C. Gillies

Over the period of my "great depression" somehow I lost sight of the promise of heaven. I even wondered if it was real, or if we are to simply accept spiritual heaven while we are here on earth--or what?

In the last few days I have been praying for a renewed--and even clearer--view of our eternal home and life. And today's devotional reading has really helped clear the clouds from my vision.

I've read, over the years, various descriptions of our heavenly home--scripture's descriptions, books like The Pilgrim's Progress, books and films and personal descriptions from those who briefly traveled to the other side, the story in The Shack of the narrator's daughter with Jesus--but they focus more on the "physical" attributes, although the description of Jesus in the meadow with the children (in The Shack) was more of a "personal encounter with Jesus" than most. I've also heard about people's dreams and visions of heaven.

But today's reading, with its focus on "the nearer presence of the Lord," of "going to the Father," of "journeying towards fulfilment, completion, expression of life," really spoke to me. That is what I long for. I don't know what it will be like in "physical" terms, but with
Father and Jesus and their Spirit... that's what I long for.

No more separation. No more fear of being cast out (which is something I struggle with, because of my failings and my sin... I know that I'm forgiven and I won't be cast out ... but the enemy uses it against me ... and I wonder about "unpardonable sin" and "denying Jesus" and "backsliding" and things like that.

Yet, You keep drawing me, so I must conclude that You are NOT giving up on me, and not casting me out :-) I am a child of the King, washed in the blood of Jesus--the blood that has separated me from the enemy's power, the blood that has destroyed his power and control!

Thank You, Lord.

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