Saturday, 30 January 2010

street church... moving forward?

January 19, 2010

Only a few people at street church coffee time this morning – mostly because people never know if it’s happening or not. Pastor P was away last week on holidays, then we had breakfast on Sunday, then couldn’t have coffee yesterday because the church hall was being set up for a funeral tea, the coffee today. At coffee, Pastor P told everybody to come for coffee on Friday, and then after every one left, he was informed that street church couldn’t use the space on Friday because they’ll be setting up for a dinner. So Pastor P says he’ll just serve coffee outside on the street corner, because it is better to do that than to be so on again – off again.

But this has really convinced him to push forward to try and get a new building, a real space to set up a mission, instead of “borrowing” space from others if and when it is available. So he asked me to phone the agent for a storefront building that is empty and has a “for rent” sign on it. Suddenly he is asking me to take on admin type things. Interesting – just yesterday I started researching “missions” (as in street missions). Oh yes, a church just gave him a cheque; he was going to use it to buy supplies for the breakfasts and such, but wonders if perhaps it is meant to be used for rent for a space. And a couple of days ago, a friend who directs a mission in another city asked me to contact Pastor P for him; a couple hours later Pastor P asked me to contact my friend for him (they both want to meet each other).

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