Saturday, 30 January 2010

okay! street church - inside AND out!

January 24, 2010

Woke up about 1 am, thinking and thinking (and beginning to worry…) – and had to turn it over to Papa and ask for rest!

Didn’t wake again till 5:25 am or so (the batteries died in my alarm clock) so rushed to make boiled eggs, pull stuff from the freezer, bring milk and cereal and stuff to street church breakfast, arriving slightly late at 6:20 am!

Pastor P says we will have coffee times in the church basement when we can, while the weather is cold, especially because one of our wonderful volunteers is elderly and can’t be outside in the cold… and when we can’t use the building, we’ll have it just up the street in that yard that’s been offered for our use, and we’ll just put a sign on the church fence pointing folks up the street.

We’ll have full breakfasts and “service” on Sundays, and coffee and light breakfasts Monday through Friday, as there are enough volunteers now to do it every day (except Saturdays). As I understand it, the Wednesdays and Thursdays will always be outdoors, and any other days when the building isn’t available. And once the weather warms up, we’ll probably move back outside altogether, unless we can have a real mission space.

I told Pastor P I can come Sunday through Thursday mornings (my hubby is generous with my time, because I know he likes me to be home for breakfast!). And I did tell him I will need time away when my grandchildren are born, and when hubby and I go away on our holiday in the summer. I have to honor my husband and care for my family, of course! 

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