Saturday, 30 October 2010

Joy cometh in the morning

October 30, 2010  1 am

Last night I closed my laptop, disappointed. I had only written 5 very short paragraphs, late in the evening.  I knew the topic I was writing about had potential. But that potential was eluding me. 

So I gave up.  Parked the laptop on the bedside table. Switched off the light.  Burrowed under the blankets.  Drifted into dreamland.  But on the way I stopped to confide in Father.  Told Him about my writing troubles.  Asked for help.

And woke just now, at 1:00 in the morning, knowing what to do.  So I'll be starting that story over. 

I also realized that I hadn't just written 5 short paragraphs yesterday.  I'd written several emails. And facebook comments.  Encouraging ones :-) And bits in my journal, too.

No I didn't make 1667 words yesterday.  But I'm not disappointed anymore!  I'm looking upward.  Thank You, Father.  Big smile.  Joy cometh in the morning!  Very early in the morning, as it turns out.

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